2020 Southern California Hemp Conference Speakers

These are the first 12 confirmed speakers. Another 8 speakers or more will be posted on this page soon.

At the conference there will be three large rooms set up theater style for the speaking sessions. Most of the speaking sessions will be panels of 3 to 4 speakers on a topic such as Farmer to Farmer, Processing, Legal and Regulation, Hemp Ag Equipment & Services, Buying and Selling Hemp Biomass, Hemp Products & Marketing, The CBD Market etc. Speaking sessions will be in one-hour time slots with 30 minutes in-between for exiting and seating the next session audience. There will be 2 one-hour morning sessions, a Noon to 1:00PM lunch break and 3 one-hour sessions in the afternoon from 1:00 PM to 5:00PM.

There will be a complete conference agenda with all speakers, topics, rooms and time schedule available to all those attending the conference.
Contact; Brian 415-243-9000 or brian@ca-hemp.com




Christopher Boucher, CEO Farmtiva

Chris Boucher is a California hemp farmer and CEO of Farmtiva Inc. Farmtiva a hemp seed selling, breeding and hemp flowers in San Diego CA. He travels the country speaking and consulting on behalf of agricultural hemp, and the new American hemp industry. Boucher is widely recognized as one the preeminent figures in the American Industrial Hemp movement. His he helped co-authored "Hemp CBD is Legal in All 50 States" back in 2012. This was instrumental in kick starting the US Hemp CBD industry into a billion-dollar industry as of today. In 1992, with the goal of reestablishing and solidifying an American hemp industry, Boucher organized and co-founded the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), In 1994, Boucher established the first legal hemp research field, since hemp had been legally grown in the US in fifty years. Boucher has grown hemp in several Countries including China Poland Hungary Romania and US. Chris has also helped draft and promote hemp legislation, some resulting in the first hemp agricultural laws in California, Colorado between 1994 - 2017.



Ed Breslin, President & Co-Founder, Making You Better Brands

Ed Breslin is a native Californian from the East Bay. He started Making You Better Brands (MYBB) with his life-long friend and business partner Brian Walker. He is a pioneer in the field of medical cannabis product development to serve the needs of patients and retail consumers. Making You Better Brands produces Xternal, Nternal, LameAway, and K9releaf; topical and internal relief for humans and animals. Their company has received national acclaim in the cannabis industry due to their focus on non-activated acidic cannabinoids, aka the microdose. MYBB products are used by top conditioned MMA fighters and grandmothers alike. Ed operates a CBD products factory near Sacramento with various sales and distribution channels throughout the country. He helped establish the first union and cannabis industry run apprenticeship program at City College in San Francisco. Ed is a dedicated educator on the benefits of CBD and its interaction with the biological endocannabinoid system. He regularly teaches a course at Oaksterdam University on CBD topicals. He speaks on CBD Hemp product and business development from his years of experience with a constantly evolving legal, regulatory and business environment.



John Miller, Founding Partner, Custom Spectrum

John Miller is California State Licensed Appraiser with over 15 years in the experience in the valuation of Land and Crops (www.VerifyIt.co). In 2013, after the passing of his father from cancer, John turned his focus to Cannabinoids as medicine and has become one of the leading experts in the valuation and distribution of Biomass and Hemp derived Cannabinoids. In 2018, John and his partners started Custom Spectrum Inc. which is focused on the extraction, isolation and blending of cannabinoids from Hemp. John is also a Partner in PhytoCannetics Inc which has a Patent pending process for creating water soluble powder from cold pressed hemp juice. John is an experienced hemp farmer and acknowledged expert on the CBD and CBG market. He works with CBD / CBG companies and brands to help them create the perfect mix of function, feeling and flavor. John speaks at workshops and trade shows for farmers and entrepreneurs seeking to enter the world of Hemp and Cannabis.



Linda Delair - Green Building Consultant

Linda Delair is a Green Building Consultant and leader in the emerging hemp building materials industry. She is a LEED accredited professional Green Building Consultant and Board Member of the U.S. Green Building Council Redwood Empire Chapter. Linda is known for her public speaking and networking skills to advance the use of hemp building materials and "Hempcrete". Hempcrete, is hemp and mixed with a lime-based binder producing a rigid material that is cast into walls, between or around structural supports. The material dries to a strong, stonelike substance that's fireproof, mold-proof and insect-proof. While not load bearing, it can be built around a supporting timber frame. Hempcrete takes the place of fiberglass insulation and sheet rock and can be covered with a lime plaster for smooth walls. Linda will speak about how industrial hemp is providing fire-resistant and sustainable building materials for the California building industry.



Daniel Garcez, AFIS, CD Simonian Insurance Agency

Daniel Garcez is an insurance professional with a proven background in strategic marketing, business development, and insurance portfolio management. Since 2015, Daniel has developed insurance and risk management portfolios for cultivators, processors, manufacturers, cannabis retailers, and testing laboratories. With a degree in Business Finance and over 15 years of cannabis-related work experience, he considers his major strengths to be industry exposure and cost analysis, compliance, implementation of risk management and policy procedures, and performance evaluation. Daniel is committed to the sustainable development the California hemp industry. He is focused on industry trends, legislative updates, and insurance product development. His has the professional resources to help business executives who want to be current on the importance of securing capital expenditures, intangible assets and managing risk through insurance options.



Jean Johnson, California Outreach Director, Vote Hemp

Jean Johnson is the California Outreach Director for Vote Hemp. She works to educate and influence policy makers, farmers, businesses and the public about the benefits of hemp. She is a go-to expert on hemp policy issues at the California county and state level. Jean is passionate about the role hemp has to play in promoting sustainability and new economic opportunities. She is a contributing writer to HempAccess.com Jean is experienced in strategy, business development and marketing. For many years she worked in the wireless and tech industries. Jean lives on the central coast of California.



Kevin Nowell, Farmer Relations, HiLo Seed Co

Kevin Nowell is a California-based hemp educator, hemp expert and certified organic vegetable farmer who heads HiLo's Farmer Relations department. As such, he works with a wide range of hemp farmers - everyone from folks buying hemp seed for the first time to those with plants already in the ground through post-harvest. Kevin's farm operations have been certified organic since 2014 and last year Kevin grew a successful certified organic hemp crop in California. Through extensive continuing education opportunities Kevin has acquired a wealth of knowledge about soil health, plant health, and all things hemp.



Patrick Goggin, Senior Attorney, Hoban Law Group

Patrick Goggin is a Senior Attorney at Hoban Law Group. He has waged battle on the frontlines of industrial hemp and general cannabis reform for two decades. Patrick led the hemp industry effort with Senator Mark Leno in 2013 to pass California's Industrial Hemp Farming Act. He is an expert on hemp business law, policy and regulation in California and nationally. He sits on Vote Hemp's board and is working to implement hemp research in California. Patrick serves as general counsel for the newly formed California Hemp Council and is a leader in industry efforts to implement hemp farming and processing in California. Hoban Law Group is a nationwide full-service business-oriented law firm serving the cannabis and hemp industry exclusively. Additionally, Hoban Law Group delivers its cannabis and hemp industry services around the globe.



Chris Conrad, Co-Founder, Hemp Industries Association

Chris Conrad is an American author, activist, curator, publisher and court-recognized expert in hemp cultivation and use. He has played a pivotal role in the shaping of modern cannabis reform as the author of such seminal books as Hemp: Lifeline to the Future (1993), Hemp for Health (1997) and Newbie's Guide to Cannabis and the Industry (2017) and by his work as a co-founder and first President of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), founder of the Business Alliance in Commerce and Hemp and a coordinator for the Proposition 215 campaign that made California the first State to legalize medical use of cannabis and Prop 64, which legalized hemp farming and adult use.



Tyler Frank, President & CEO, Hemptopia Inc

Tyler Frank is the President & CEO, Hemptopia Inc. in McMinnville Oregon. Hemptopia provides high quality hemp products, apparel and promotional materials designed around function, comfort and sustainability. He grew the business from the ground up. It has doubled in overall revenue year after year for the past 3 years. Tyler is the founder HempTradingPost.com an online multi-vendor marketplace for verified hemp business merchants. He is also the founder of Hemp 4 Humanity, a not for profit organization that is focused on advancing the hemp economy through education, income and health. Tyler has in depth knowledge on CBD stalk/stem waste processing options for farmers and hemp textile production in the United States vs importing with tari?s. He has served on the board of directors for the Hemp Industry Association since 2014.



Ollie Danner, Founder & CEO, Hemp Access

Ollie Danner is the founder and CEO of Hemp Access and the Tee Time CBD products company in Bakersfield California. The Hemp Access Network is a national online hemp business platform providing qualified leads to its members. Businesses and consumers can review products and learn from industry leaders about the latest hemp trends and news. Hemp Access Network provides the ability to quickly receive quotes from reputable companies. A series of local Hemp Access business events are now being organized in cites throughout the country to serve the network and industry. Ollie is committed to developing the hemp industry by using technology to connect the best hemp companies with their best qualified business prospects. He is an experienced SEO and marketing consultant with a background in electric vehicle technology.



Chris Fontes, CEO and Cofounder, Hemp Exchange

Chris Fontes is the CEO and Cofounder of Hemp Exchange. Hemp Exchange is an online platform for buying and selling industrial and CBD hemp. It was founded in 2019 to stabilize the hemp industry supply chain and prepare the industry for unprecedented growth. Hemp Exchange verifies all platform users before listing or purchasing, providing FDIC backed transactions, and managing the logistics of transportation, It allows for easy, verified transactions to occur in a stable setting. Chris has an extensive background in software development, operations, logistics, sales, and marketing. Leveraging previous experience in highly regulated industries, Chris built the Hemp Exchange to empower verified buyers and sellers to come together and transact in a safe and protected environment.